Quantitative research holds no mystery for the experts at AlphoteQ Solutions Centre

  1. Studies and Surveys
  • Our professionals will run with you through every movement of the review strategy from poll outline to information examination and introduction and will likewise urge you on the most fitting techniques for inspecting, information gathering, information coding and handling and an introduction of the discoveries

Web surveys

Web Surveys and Studies

Pop-up survey invitation on your site
Guests to your site are blocked and requested to react to an online survey. A cookie put on the respondent’s PC enables us to control the quantity of surveys finished from a solitary workstation.

Secret key access online survey by welcome

An especially valuable element, online reviews with secret word get to enable you to customize your surveys by including data you have about the respondent.

The reaction rate is enhanced by sending customized email solicitations and focused on suggestions to individuals who have not yet finished their study. Furthermore, with passwords, respondents can enjoy a reprieve and proceed with their review later without losing the data entered.

Public opinion surveys with our Web panel
Survey public opinion using our Internet-user panel.

(Under web panel)

Web Panel

A Web board is an example of Internet clients that consistently take part in Web surveys on wonders, practices, recognitions, and so forth.

Since by far most of Kenyan family units are on the web, the Internet offers effective methods for achieving the overall population.

What are the advantages of AlphoteQ Web panel?

  • Response cross-checking to guarantee information uprightness
  • Measure popular feeling at a lower cost
  • Removal of specialists who are inert or whose identity is in question
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Elimination of specialists who show suspicious conduct
  • Rigorous quality control components
  • Reliable outcomes that are factually illustrative of the whole populace of Kenyan Internet clients
  • Quality specialists who are compensated for their participation


  • Omnibus surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Mystery person studies

Surveying is a quick way to get information from a large number of people at a relatively low cost.

  1. Omnibus Survey

An omnibus study is a common cost review that can be a decent path for you to get a good deal on overviews. It works by consolidating study inquiries from different customers and afterward gathering reactions to all inquiries from a similar gathering of respondents. From that point forward, every customer is given the information (the study reactions) to their particular inquiries. Omnibus overviews are normally fun and connecting with for respondents in light of the fact that rather than a 15-minute review about only one point, the study will cover four or five unique subjects, which changes it up.

How can it spare you cash? The greatest cost in leading a study is getting it set up and afterward finding a factually delegate test of respondents to answer the inquiries. Once you have them on the telephone or internet noting overview questions, it is costs little to ask them “only one more inquiry.” You need to abstain from making inquiries for over fifteen minutes, yet assume that you have fifteen inquiries you need to ask, and Randy Sports has fifteen inquiries, and Best Wireless has another fifteen inquiries. Instead of every one of you directing your own short review and copying all the work (and cost) of set-up, testing, and speaking with respondents, you can pool your assets to complete one study. Every one of you pays relatively to the amount of the overview is dedicated to your inquiries.

  1. Statistical analysis

Influence your numbers to talk! Get-together information isn’t sufficient, you likewise need to investigate it, scan for significance, make solid inferences and settle on educated choices.

AlphoteQ offers you statistical analyses that will allow you to:

  • Determine connections and impacts between a few factors
  • Generalize results saw in an example to the whole populace
  • Test and contrast information with distinguish huge contrasts
  • Regroup, sort out or fragment information
  • Predict new qualities in view of watched information
  • Validate theories
  • Describe and incorporate the data to distinguish significant patterns
  • Explain circumstances and end results of a marvel

One does not become a statistician overnight. Mastering numbers requires the highest level of statistical knowledge.

From descriptive statistics to the most complex multivariate analysis, AlphoteQ’s  statisticians can offer you statistical consulting and analysis services that meet your needs. These analyses are delivered with clear interpretation in a language that everyone understands.


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