AlphoteQ offers a complete range of qualitative research services.


  • Focus gatherings
  • Individual interviews
  • Participant enrollment
  1. Focus gatherings

A focus group is a typical qualitative research system utilized by organizations for advertising purposes. A center gathering commonly comprises of few members, as a rule around six to 12, from inside an organization’s objective market. The customers are united and driven through talks of vital organization and brand points by a mediator. AlphoteQ’s professionals moderate over 100 focus groups per year, in English using a variety of techniques and approaches

Projective Techniques

Delicate, individual inquiries require propelled control abilities. AlphteQ’s experts have an authority of projective systems drawn from brain science. These systems help create respondent trust and transparency and enable them to drop their boundaries and inclinations while noting questions.

  1. Individual interviews

Individual interviews enable you to test the states of mind of the interviewees, convictions, wants, and encounters to get a more profound comprehension of the clients. Your project requires a thorough investigation of individual recognition? You want to conduct interviews to better understand a set of marvels, issues, discernments or states of mind?

AlphoteQ can offer you finish benefits in this area

  • Analysis and detailing
  • Bilingual, proficient interviewing
  • Interview guide plan
  • Participant recruitment (link)
  • Digital sound chronicle


  1. Participant enrollment

The nature of the members in your center gathering or meeting venture has a significant effect! Give AlphoteQ a chance to deal with the whole enlistment process for you and you will be guaranteed of the best outcomes.

Inspecting is as essential in subjective as in quantitative research. In this way, AlphoteQ has built up an exhaustive enlistment process that will guarantee that you get members that speak to the profile you are searching for.

Regardless of whether the enrollment is finished by phone or in-field, AlphoteQ does not utilize arrangements of self-volunteering members; rather, we incline toward working with arbitrary enlistment strategies which significantly increment the lavishness and believability of your outcomes.


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