Data Analysis

When there is a large information space described by quickly changing data and rapid choices, organizations and individuals cannot fall behind in taking into account the thorough requests of data analysis procedures and techniques. To assist associations with the most ideal data analysis services, AlphoteQ Solutions offers diverse data analysis services. Despite the volume of information you have, limiting dangers and maximizing profit rely upon how viably you handle always streaming information.

Breaking down information routinely includes different difficulties – exactness, protection, timing, security, and expenses are five prime cases. To defeat these difficulties, AlphoteQ information investigation authorities give tweaked and exhaustive help to help better basic leadership at all levels for your association. With our information investigation specialists, you get excellent information examination benefits that are solid.

Data analysis process

Information examination, being one of the services offered at AlphoteQ Solutions, has a point by point process meant for detailed completion of the work.

  • After you send us the data and points of interest of your paper (Topic, look into targets, survey utilized, and data file, Via email.), we react inside 24 hours, subsequent to deciding the extent of work and the assessed cost.
  • Our analysts will survey the task and recommend the most appropriate strategies/apparatuses/tests as required
  • These are talked about with the customer
  • The investigation is finished inside the stipulated time, and incorporates the readiness of tables, graphs and diagrams.
  • This is trailed by conference for elucidating the questions and giving counsel to protection of the information investigation section


Data analysis process flow

Define Project

  • Define scope
  • Define expectations
  • Define Business sections


Data Collection

  • Preparing questionnaires
  • Field survey
  • Observation filing
  • Organize data


Data Analysis

  • Cleanse information
  • Find designs
  • Comparative analysis


  • Create charts
  • Create Model/structure


Data Analysis Services We Offer

At AlphoteQ Solutions, we offer a wide range of data analysis benefits that decisively oblige the particular necessities of the customer.

  • Data Quality Audit
  • Data Cleaning (aka Data Scrubbing or Data Cleansing)
  • Homogeneity Analysis 
  • Extreme Observations
  • Missing Observations Analysis



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