Confidentiality Policy

Protecting the confidentiality of personal information is of the utmost concern to AlphoteQ. AlphoteQ gathers and handles, on a daily basis, a large amount of personal information supplied by individuals or companies. In order to guarantee the confidentiality of this data, AlphoteQ has adopted strict policy.

AlphoteQ is committed to respecting and protecting the information that it receives from its clients, Web site users and survey respondents.

Commitment to our clients
The information  AlphoteQ  gathers on behalf of its clients is treated as confidential and used exclusively within the context of its mandate. AlphoteQ commits to gathering no data for its own purposes or from which it could profit.

Commitment to users of our Web site
The data AlphoteQ collects on its Website users (via the “Contact Us” for, for example) will be used only to respond to the user or follow up on his or her request. This information will not, under any circumstances, be transferred to a third party.

Commitment to our survey respondents 

After a survey is conducted by AlphoteQ, the information gathered is treated in strict confidence. For more information on the steps taken to ensure the confidentiality of your responses consult AlphoteQ’s policy on the protection of personal information.

Secrecy Policy

Securing the secrecy of individual data is the very pinnacle of worry to AlphoteQ. AlphoteQ assembles and handles, once a day, a lot of individual data provided by people or organizations. Keeping in mind the end goal is to ensure the privacy of this information; AlphoteQ has embraced a strict arrangement around there.

AlphoteQ is focused on regarding and shielding the data that it gets from its customers, Web webpage clients and study respondents.

Duty to clients of our Web website

The information AlphoteQ gathers on its Website clients (by means of the “Get in touch with Us” for instance) will be utilized just to react to the client or follow up on his or her demand. This data won’t, under any conditions, be exchanged to an outsider.

Pledge to our customers

The data AlphoteQ assembles for the benefit of its customers is dealt with as classified and utilized solely inside the setting of its command.

Promise to our review respondents

After an overview is directed by AlphoteQ, the data accumulated is dealt with in strict certainty. For more data on the means taken to guarantee the privacy of your reactions