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At AlphoTeQ Solutions, we offer an adaptable approach that adjusts to your requirements. Instead of offering institutionalized arranged services, we offer customized services, created to meet your necessities. We are equipped to offer Design, research and IT solutions that sufficiently address its customers’ needs and enable them to settle on educated business choices.

program evaluation

Program Evaluation

You want to get details regarding the adequacy or effect of your activities? You want to know the consequences of a program? You want to get exact administrative data to decide your program needs? Get in touch with us.

market research

Market Research

Solutions can enable you make quick and profitable market choices. Our statistical research experts offer you an extensive variety of services and can put you on the best path to meet your goals.


Academic Research

You want to introduce a thesis or a major project? You want to convince a supervisor or academic committee that your topic and approach are sound, so that you gain approval and proceed with the actual research?

Data analysis

Data Analysis

When there is a large information space described by quickly changing data and rapid choices, organizations and individuals cannot fall behind in taking into account the thorough requests of data analysis procedures and techniques. We do Data analysis using : SPSS, Excel, Stata, R, Python & Epi-info


Data Collection

Data is at the core of any advancement. We gather different sorts of data in the field to enable companies to improve their products & services.

IT services

IT & Graphic/Web Design

Considering deploying an ERP or CRM System, or a Graphic/Web design Project. We've got your back. Tap into our talented web site designers, graphic artists, content writers, programmers & digital marketing experts all dedicated to making your brand successful.

S.E researcher

Social-economic Research

Data is at the core of any advancement. We gather different sorts of data in the field to enable customers to improve what’s to come.


Satisfaction Studies

With encounter that traverses a few investigations around there, AlphoteQ solutions have demonstrated expertise in satisfaction estimation and examination, utilizing both subjective and quantitative methodologies.

propasal notes

Project Proposals

Is it accurate to say that you are composing your project proposal and would you say you are overwhelmed with the work before you? At AlphoteQ Solutions, we know about the complexities associated with composing a proposal. Give as a call today & get your proposal on track.


Data Entry

We offer data entry solutions through a skilled team of professionals who are well-versed in different types of data entry tasks. Whether it is an e-commerce company or an educational organization, we believe in offering solutions that eliminate redundancies, reduce costs, and help you concentrate on your primary job.

Ready To Hire Us?

At Alphoteq, even minor exercises are driven with unprecedented precision and cautious quality to meet the most astonishing quality affirmation measures. Our quality insistence program guarantees that we convey strong results.


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